Having a good looking website is a nice to have, while having one that converts (sells) is best. Vofer, provides the best solutions for Online Stores its top quality website designs.

Using years of experience to create tailored websites

Up till now, we have created websites for e-commerce for more than 4,100 clients from 2006. Without any doubt, we have become the most sought after Australian website development company for e-commerce websites by designing thousands of websites since 2006. We work hard to create a solution that will deliver the goods after going through intimate discussions with our clients, understanding their businesses, their competition and the requirements of their customers.

We use available data to design the mobile and e-commerce websites and guide our clients to create their successful online stores.

Our eShops have the best selling designs

We specially design eShop platforms which provide the businesses with the best websites for successful e-commerce. They are built with the help of the best ‘Content Management System’ available and can be controlled entirely with a simple click of the mouse. You will discover everything that is needed to run an online store with any success with the help of software that is packed with features. It includes everything from analytics, sales data, promotions and product management.

You will acquire a different kind of selling experience by being able to access the smallest detail regarding the store.

Attracting visitors and getting results after selling

We take everything into consideration from home page design to confirmation of orders while creating the websites. We keep Search Engine Optimization in mind while designing and developing every website at Vofer because visitors are after all the potential buyers. Also, customers experience the urge and are encouraged to buy things immediately from the eShop platform we create as it offers the advantages of the best marketing, payment, and shipping features.

Our team of online marketing experts helps you in optimizing the conversion rates and lessens the number of abandoned carts. You will succeed in making a maximum number of sales.

Why choose Vofer?

  • Best reputation – More than 4,100 clients have gone online with our help
  • Quality of web design – Has created the most effective online business environment for clients
  • Offers a complete package of web designing – Provide support for the initial creation of logos to developing the solution on WordPress.
  • Uses best tools – The full control of the website remains with you.
  • Affordable solution – We do not compromise on quality while keeping design expenditure to the minimum.
  • Top quality assistance – Our team of experts on web designing always help you with friendly assistance whenever you need it.

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