Google is the largest search engine and ranking number one is very important due to the greater potential for more website traffic. The easiest way to obtain this position is with Google Adwords, which is Ads displayed with search results relevant to specific keyword/s bid for. The more relevant your Advert and the page the advert links to, the cheaper your advert will be, meaning it will be displayed for longer. Basically, Google wants more relevant adverts as it provides a service, so the less relevant your Ad/Page is the more it will cost to display and in turn they are displayed for a short period of time and more relevant ads have greater opportunities to be displayed more. 

Landing Page
When the advert is clicked on, the user is taken to a web page, which is either called the Landing Page or Lead Page. The main focus of this page is usually converting into a lead or sale; here are 5 of the top key features a landing page should have:

  1. Consistency (Ad to Page)
  2. One Call to Action 
  3. Low Distraction
  4. SEO for better Relevance
  5. Mobile Friendly

Google Ad Campaign
Allow us, the experts to manage your Ad Campaign and Landing Page. This is also called your sales funnel, it is basically a numbers game, and even with one part of the funnel not working you could be losing out financially.

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