facebook remarketing
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I find many businesses sending traffic to their websites front page or similar via Google Adwords, Facebook Ads and other means. The main issue is that these types of website pages have much distraction, not always relevant and usually lacks a clear call to action. A landing page should have 1 clear topic with a relevant Call to Action and no other distractions, this way it is easier to measure and analyse results, plus you can re-market to them. Whether doing Google or Facebook ads, always use the Facebook tracking pixel as it allows you to re-market to potential Customers/Clients depending on the Action/In-Action taken.

Landing Page and Facebook Tracking

As an example, consider you are doing a Google Adwords Campaign and sending people to a Landing Page (P1), the Facebook tracking (Facebook Tracking Pixel) tracks them on this page and if they take action they go to the a Thank You page (P2) they are also tracked.

Now in Facebook you can market to those people that went to (P1) and didn’t go to (P2) as to push them over the line, or market to people that went to (P2) and up-sell them, be social or more, as people that have taken one step with you are more likely to do it again.

This can also be applied to your Shopping Cart, as a follow up to someone abandoning the shopping cart due to whatever reason (Kids, Cooking a Meal, etc…) has proven to increase sales by up to 62%.

Consider being able to market to people depending on what actions they take on your website today, to improve not only sales, but customer service as well.