A Business card design is an essential part of your branding and yes it is important to stand out, yet more importantly the business card should remind the holder who you are and what you can do for them. Branding brings in consistency with the look and feel, as your business card should reflect your website and vice versa, this helps create the trust factor when potential clients check out your business.

Doing business in Asian
As trade in the Asian Pacific region increases, many more businesses are dealing with Asian businesses, especially China.

Here are a few Chinese Business Card Etiquette:

  • Business cards are exchanged upon meeting, therefore ensure you always have many with you.
  • When exchanging business cards always use 2 Hands; It is a sign of Respect and as your business cards have your name on them, you should respect your cards by keep them in good condition. Think, would you do business with someone who doesn't respect them-self. 
  • Also, as the business card represents the person, when handed a business card it is polite to study it first then put it in a card holder or next to you on a table (Don't put it in your back pocket).
  • You will need dual-sided business cards, one side English and the other in Chinese.
  • Chinese Translation on the business card should be "Simplified" characters for mainland China, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. While for Taiwan and Hong Kong you need to use "Traditional" characters.
  • With any translations, find a good translator; don't use Google Translator and if you have your Business Name translated, find out what it means in Chinese.

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