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What is going on?

You are feeling excited having developed the best landing page copy you can ever imagine. It contains the right elements such as persuasiveness and conciseness. Which focuses on your guests.
Now you have launched this and immediately traffic came pouring in out of your campaigns and you were amazed. However, this did not continue as the days passed and you were not expecting how it will turn out.

You asked yourself, what went wrong? Maybe you were just so focused on your copy to have forgotten the importance of other areas particularly the design. But you need not worry; here we have some techniques to help you overcome this condition.

Focus on contrasting colors.

While many considered that one color in the design is the best option, it is often the contrast in color that will generate a better conversion.

Use colors that are varied but will complement each other. This is one way to ascertain that your design will have the components to stand out. Do this by creating a hierarchy that informs guests the most important aspects. The call to action should be more distinct while the text should be in red color. Another method is making it bold. With that it will surely stand out.
Add Real People to the Design

Real live pictures of people are not just there to use up vacant spaces but they are meant to add an important feature to the landing page making the experience more memorable. Avoid using graphics instead use photos that manifest customers who have used the products or services. If you have not done this, then you are throwing spaces that can be used to influence guests to sign up.
Testimonials are better too with real photos of the sender.

Provide Guest with the Tools

Maximize the use of pictures by letting it focus on the next item you want your guest to notice. It can be the headline or the product itself. But remember, the pictures are there to supplement the design and cannot cover up the quality of your headline, so make your headline solid as well.

Incorporate Visuals

The task of guiding guests toward certain areas in your landing page is not just through the use of pictures. You can likewise use arrows and borders thereby bringing them to the vital areas.

Design Match Up

Ensure a match up in your design from the landing page to the paid ads which is a vital design factor. Be consistent in both content and visuals. This eases navigating your site. You can do this by using the same or similar images, colors and any other representations.

Choosing the right color

This is different from the contrast. Here we specifically tackle the color itself. If you want you landing page to grab the attention of your guest, well, go ahead, choose the brightest color that you can find. However, take note that mismatch color is a complete turn off. Likewise, remember that colors can have a way of influencing the emotions so better use colors that are not provoking too.

Seek the Aid of Visuals

It is true enough that pictures tell a thousand stories. Yes, there are times that we find it difficult to explain things. In such cases, the use of visual aids is the best tool. Note, drawings can simplify and conveys ideas and information more explicitly than words so supplement you copy with them too.

Size is Important

Don’t let your guests miss out on important aspects. Make your call to action big and for sure you’ll draw their attention to that. If you pair this with bright colors, then the most aged guest will not need any magnifying glass. Do it in different sizes, with the biggest for the item that you want to stand out from the group. Subsequently, do not use the same size for the less important aspect or else you will be dividing the attention of your guests.

Importance of Whitespace

Whitespace connects all the elements of your design into one landing page that is organize to put emphases on certain important aspects. It subsequently enhances the decipherable aspect of the page. This can be done using shorter paragraphs and bullets for listings. But as always, don’t overdo things.

Moving Forward

After the above 9 techniques start moving forward into testing what best suits your site. Then gradually improve it until you reach your goal of a higher conversion, one that will surely bring your site to the top.

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Impress your customers to the point of making them visit your site time and time again.

For your company, services and products alike and for it to be known and patronized, you need to impress your visitors. This is specifically true since your site is where your visitors will gain information of your business, learn about your services and products and decide whether to try them or not. That is the critical point of your branding technique as it communicates just who you really are, what you can offer and your commitment to deliver them. Always reflect on your website through a branding point of view with:

Analyzing steps: As you start communicating online, consider first your clients and customers, the other business players, the industry you belong to and your own business as well. This can be done through:

  • Analyzing the Visitors: Virtual success starts with a comprehensive visitor’s profile. Who will likely visit your site? What are their expectations? How well is their knowledge of the internet? Will they need a thorough learning of your products? What call would they likely react to: logical, expressive or both?
  • Analyzing the other Business player: You want to gain an edge in the business over others. So, learn more about them starting with their web address. Check how their site looks and feel by comparing your site, getting your pros/cons and improving the negative side.
  • Analyzing the Industry: Start with the present industry trend, its history as well as its present and future conditions. Stand prepared as industries evolve.
  • Analyzing your own business: How does your business look and feel to clients? Are you so technically inclined? Or too formal? What about giving your client the fun side? These are ways in transforming your brand through visual and verbal methods with designs and copywriting.

Clarifying Steps: After doing the said analyses; trim down your next attention to particular niche however do not overdo things. Concentrate on certain audiences and evaluate what you can offer to them in terms of products and services based on their requirements.

Likewise, make your business unique giving more demand to your product and services and easing communication towards building brand equity.

Strategizing: Focus on your site content and site organization. Divide your website into section based on the user’s expectations and wants and fill each section with contents. Provide a site diagram with your homepage containing the information and relying on the links for details. Using your side menu and top tabs; help visitors in navigating your site. Likewise let visitors find your outlets too.

Focus on the consumer’s minds because as it is, a highly systematic site relates to a highly systematic business, an effective content conveys an effective company that strategically boils down to the production of an effective brand. Aim for a quality image that sums up your business and brand and with the right logo, design and lay-out, will manifest professionalism in all angles.

In the end, never forget to take loading time as another vital factor in lieu of special enhancements for this is the key to your site’s success.