Each year we read and hear about SEO techniques, ideas, tips and tricks that are said to be effective means for the success of our website in the World Wide Web. Although, are these really useful in reaching your site’s ultimate goal? We know that SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the process that is affecting the visibility of a web site. So if you are interested in making your business site more visible you have to learn certain things. However, it is hard enough to focus on one, so before your head goes spinning we have consolidated the best; Discover the Top 9 SEO Techniques for 2014.

Best SEO Techniques ideal for 2014

1. Relevant Content

Relevant Content is one of the vital SEO techniques that have been proven to bring in more traffic. The keywords that you should use in your tags should relate to the actual main page of your site topic. Any deviation to that will definitely bring negative impact to your site. Google has now a good eye in identifying duplicate contents too, so avoid copy pasting contents from other sites to your site. Likewise do not use any other Black-hat SEO tricks such as keyword stuffing as well.

2. Proper use of keywords

For keywords to be effective, it must be used properly and there are ways of identifying the ideal keywords for your site. One is to use less competitive keyword but have high search volume. Another is to use key phrases. Similarly, optimum keyword density ratio in your content is another crucial factor in SEO.

3. Title Tag/Meta Tags

Title Tag/ Meta Tags these are important factors in the indexing of a web site since title tag is the first item that search engine will get in knowing the content of the page. Meta tag on the other hand is what is listed in the search engine result which is what users will see as your site link appears. Whether to click or not depends on the keywords and key phrases you add to your tags.

4. Proper Use of Heading Tags

Proper Use of Heading Tags is another vital element of SEO. Using heading tags will make the web browsers, search engines and users alike distinguish the main key points of your copy.

5. Alt Attributes /Title Attribute–Adding

Alt attributes on the images found in your site actually gives another relevant text to your site’s source code that search engines will use when indexing your site. On the other hand placing title attributes is useful as links both in the image and in the text.

6. SEO Friendly URL

SEO Friendly URL can boost your site with the Search Engines. The Url syntax as well as its structure can definitely affect your SEO efforts.

7. Link Building

Link Building or the number of links that points to your site generally affects your SEO. This is one crucial part that needs to be considered even with the changes in the page rank algorithms.

8. Social Media

Social Media is one developing influence in establishing your site to the general users. It can both bring follow back links to your site as well as deliver a good amount of traffic.

9. SEO Check Up

SEO Check Up is evaluating the effectiveness of your SEO programs. This will help in determining whether to continue with an existing SEO tool or not. Equally it can trigger a shift to your SEO programs that you have not used and tested before.

Improving a site ranking is the key to a successful business venture through the internet. While we cannot claim that the above techniques will specifically give the result we all have hoped to achieve for a particular site, it will give you a solid basis for your website; with an increased chance of bringing your site a notch higher in ranking and improving traffic, converting visitors to clients and ultimately increase sales in your business as well.